What to do with an old computer?

What to do with an old computer?

Have you bought or are buying a new computer but don’t know what to do with the old one?

We buy valuable computers and dispose of hopeless cases

An old computer doesn't mean garbage

A device that is outdated for someone can be completely new to someone. For example, a device that is slow and old for a programmer can give a schoolboy a fast and proud computer.

One of GreenDice’s goals is to help unused internal devices reach those who need them.

Where do the devices brought to us go?

The old equipment of our members reached the schoolchildren of Tõrva

In May 2021, we replaced 20 computers, 28 monitors and 10 computers in three Tõrva schools received hardware upgrades.

We supported the promotion of IT education in the city camp with the members

We provided computers to the IT summer camp, where young people aged 10-18 learned through computer hacking, programming and also how to create games.

Not all countries have a level playing field

The Marocostatsion created by GreenDice creates opportunities for Moroccans to live through computer learning and the availability of computers.

How can you contribute?

Bring your old computer equipment to GreenDice! Our specialists will assess the condition of the equipment.

We accept equipment from both companies and individuals to put the equipment back into circulation.

After evaluation

The computer is still usable

Facet II

If we find that the device is usable during the evaluation, we will purchase it from you to take it to the next stage.

The computer has lived its life

Facet VI

When the old computer has completely lost its value, we will send the device for disposal, where the computer will be disassembled. So that the individual components can be used to create new devices.

Our partner in disposal
MTÜ Elektroonikaromu

Let's breathe new life!

We maintain, update, and perform a complete erasure of data to keep the device new to the new owner.

And let's get back on track!

We deliver to people who have fewer opportunities to buy a new device. It can be schools, kindergartens, families, older people around the world.

Companies whose old equipment is on the way to GreenDice

Be part of the green revolution in technology!