GreenDice and Coop Pank Supported the Women’s Support and Information Center

Once again, we have confirmed that joint synergy leads to the creation of more opportunities. This time, Coop Pank directed well-maintained equipment to the NGO Women’s Support and Information Center. 

In early May, we were contacted by Ann-Marii Reiväli from Rush Street Interactive. They have taken it upon themselves to assist the Women’s Support and Information Center with all necessary essentials. The NGO urgently needed functional IT tools for their work, and they turned to GreenDice for help. 

We immediately mapped out their needs and found a solution to support them. 

 The Women’s Support and Information Center is an NGO established in 2002, aiming to help victims of domestic violence and foster a community that does not tolerate violence and is ready to help if necessary. They work daily to ensure that every person has the right and opportunity to live without fear and to make decisions about their own life, additionally offering children a happy childhood and a decent life. 

In 2023, they assisted 284 victims of domestic violence in the Tartu and Põlva regions. Among them, 60 used safe accommodation services, with 26 children staying with their mothers. 

Usually, one woman (and her child or children) receives counseling more than once, so the total number of counseling hours is significantly higher. 

The administrator and social counselor of the Women’s Support and Information Center, Anne Siniaas, explained the situation: 

“There are three case managers in Tartu and Põlva counties, who had two ancient laptops at their disposal. The third employee worked on their personal computer. The women staying at our safe accommodation are generally not financially well-off and do not have personal computers. Since most transactions with the state can now be done digitally and our counselors often conduct online counseling sessions, the clients also need to use a computer. Therefore, two laptops with monitors and mice (one for the Tartu and one for the Põlva support center) were absolutely essential to get the work done and help the women. We wouldn’t have even thought to ask for monitors, but Alexander Assmann, GreenDice’s Operations Manager, offered them considering eye health – thank you for that! 

The support center’s printer-scanner was no longer scanning, and the Põlva center didn’t have a printer at all. We placed the gifted printer in Tartu, and the semi-functional printer will go to Põlva (where the scanning needs are significantly less compared to Tartu). 

Our project manager needed a mobile phone as their old work phone was literally used to the end. It wouldn’t have been possible for us to purchase a new phone for them this year from our own funds.” 


We are grateful to our partners Rush Street Interactive for thinking of us and to Coop Pank for directing their IT equipment to the GreenDice community – together we create more opportunities!