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In order to assess the environmental impact of IT equipment, the entire life map of the equipment must be checked

If you can’t follow it, you are doing greenwashing when reporting and you should not use the manufacturer’s data!

GreenDice offers a solution to this problem. Our community and cloud-based software make it possible to check the life map of each device until the moment we send it to material reuse, thereby increasing the responsibility of our partner companies. In addition to honest measurement and reporting, thanks to cooperation, there is an opportunity to immediately reduce the environmental impact caused by your ICT equipment by 50% by means of shared responsibility.

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We have more than 200 partner companies,

who want to take their first steps on the journey of sustainability.

GreenDice’s partners include, among others, SEB Pank, Coop Pank, Omniva, Sorainen, DHL Estonia, Gunvor Services, Skeleton Technology, EAS and KredEx joint institution and others, who understand the great environmental impact of ICT (information and communication technology) and its logic related to division and reduction.


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How do GreenDice partners win?

1. IT technology CO2 footprint reporting (ESG reports)

We have developed a system based on which we can accurately calculate the footprint of each purchased device, and based on this, we can also prepare accurate reports on the CO2 footprint of all IT equipment.
We are also helpful in preparing ESG reports.

2. Cloud-based software allows you to monitor the complete life map of each device until disposal.

The environmental impact of devices calculated by manufacturers is based on the logic that product life spans always end in the recycling of materials. It is difficult to further value the products, but at the same time ensure the correct disposal of the equipment. GreenDice, together with its community, takes responsibility. In the online system, you can see the journey of each device to the end of its life cycle. The responsibility of entrepreneurs increases and environmental impact reporting becomes transparent and honest.

UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals!

The icons of the UN agenda can be found in the ESG of many organizations, but the influence outside the organization is not achieved.

Read about our vision, where it is possible to move with the help of the GreenDice community and which UN goals it includes.


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We bring the development of community members to your ESG report!

Kalle Kuldväli, helps share the environmental impact of Coop Bank’s two devices.

1. With the help of the community, Kalle changed his e-mail from to the more secure

2. He can use cloud attachments instead of attachments – less digital garbage.

3. Knows how and where to dispose of your old electronics.

4. Learned with us what the terms environmental impact, carbon footprint, CO2 and CO2e mean.

5. Knows basic computer logic and understands security risks.

6. Knows what kind of responsible company allowed him to enter the computer world risk-free and tries to make sustainable purchases himself.

7. Consistently participates in the GreenDice Community Speed Typing Contest.

8. Willing to start studying English.


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3. Social contribution or let’s help together (employer branding)

Regardless of location, the computer world is important. GreenDice has a principle that Estonian children, even at the far end of the map, should not learn with older computers than themselves. That’s why we give them the right to use newer devices, but we are always responsible for the life cards of the devices until the end!

4. Accurate statistics on the recycling of technical equipment materials

GreenDice very precisely monitors the movement of each device in a complete technical circle. Therefore, every device that has reached the end of its life cycle and is destined for material recycling, we consider the total amount of recycled materials.

Did you know that in Europe, only 20-30% of ICT devices produced end up in the right place for disposal. We believe that our business model can increase it to 80-90% in the future.

5. Recommendation and special pricing of reliable devices through manufacturers.

Partners must make sustainable purchases in order to further value technical equipment through our community in the future.

We are helpful and can connect our partners with equipment manufacturers. It is possible to get a special price through negotiation.
At the moment, companies can meet with representatives of HP, Dell and Lenovo.

These companies want to produce good technology and want GreenDice to make it worthwhile for society as long as possible, thus reducing their own environmental impact!

6. We conduct environmental awareness training events!

We have done it completely free of charge for our partners, our vision is based on environmental awareness and a greater sense of responsibility of the people involved.

Let’s explain with simple examples what a green turn is and how to carry it out, if necessary, we will help to prepare an initial road map and further steps. Even if everything else is theory, the GreenDice model can be immediately applied by any company as a practical circular economy example.

Easier collaboration is free!

Goal-oriented service contract to reduce the ecological footprint starts at 1000 € + VAT per year.


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