The GreenDice creates a new approach to the acquisition of computer equipment as a working tool

The usual model is unambiguous – computer equipment is procured so that the employee can perform daily activities in the best possible way!

If the products are out of date for the company, usual solutions are as follows:

Attempts are being made to resell the device to employees or on the market.

The equipment is left unused in the office or at the employee’s home.

The equipment is simply thrown in a rubbish bin or taken to a landfill.

Rental equipment is returned, and the user does not know where and to whom it will go.

The GreenDice, or What is really important when buying computer equipment

Today, none of us buy a phone anymore because it can be used to make a call (it goes without saying), but we decide on the basis of other arguments.

The GreenDice believes that, in exactly the same way, you should not buy computer equipment to perform everyday activities (which is also a matter of course), but be aware of the additional opportunities that come with it and understand how much it changes life for different target groups.

The GreenDice gives a whole new idea to the acquisition of computer equipment.

The GreenDice principles

We procure high-quality and good products that can provide value to various target groups for more than 10 years.

Through used technical products, we contribute to the future progress.

We do not consider it right to seek maximum profits from target groups with a smaller revenue base.

We popularise the green and circular economy through the example of technical products.

Circular economy The circular economy is a normative economic model that prioritizes the sustainable use of resources.

Green Economy the green economy is an economy that improves human well-being and social justice, does not pose environmental risks and pressures on natural resources, and is therefore a low-carbon, resource-efficient and inclusive economy.

What do we do?

The goal of the GreenDice is for each IT provider to implement this approach, thus making the procurement process more reliable and cost-effective for the parties involved.

But most importantly, only with this attitude will we be able to bring good computer skills to all people in the world and also set the direction on how to use it as a tool for learning and development.


In cooperation with, we sell equipment that is suitable for the GreenDice routing. The computer equipment that is sustainable and the basis for future circulation.


We popularise computer equipment as a learning and working tool.


We talk about what has been done with the equipment and explain what we do on a daily basis. In doing so, we inspire and encourage others.


We increase the value of the employer by reflecting the ideas and reasons why this approach is important for the organisation.

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