Reinventing the idea of a computer-related tech purchase

Together with our members, we are creating a new consumer culture based on a circular economy

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1,5 t water

227kg fossil fuel

23 kg chemicals

350 000 000 new computers in a year

That’s how many computers are consumed each year. The production of one computer and monitor uses an average of 1.5 tons of water, 227 kg of fossil fuels, and 23 kg of chemicals.

All this cost is very burdensome for the environment. Is this justified? Unfortunately, we still have a lot of room for improvement in this area.

What is GreenDice?

GreenDice is an organization that designs the perfect consumption cycle of a technology product. We have six principles or facets that give greater meaning to the acquisition of IT equipment. By changing consumption habits, we are bringing a logical approach to the possibility of computer use to every person in the world and passing on the goal of applying the technique in the best way for the sake of self-development.

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Facet 1 - When you buy, make sure the quality of the device!

With proper maintenance, your new computer should add value for at least 3 to 5 years, or until your computer needs increase. With the GreenDice model, you are not just consuming a new product, but creating an opportunity for those who did not have it before...

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Facet 2 - Trust

How to make sure that a well-kept device has value even after 3-5 years? In the form of GreenDice cooperation, there is always an agreed value for the resale of the equipment, which is an obligation for us, but gives the customer the opportunity to direct their device to our value journey and participate in it!

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Facet 3 - Computer and development opportunities for everyone in the world

Why was GreenDice founded? In order to make access to the computer world accessible and purposeful to everyone in the world through better consumption habits, with the understanding that someone in particular believes in and contributes to your development!

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Facet 4 - The Computer as a Creator's Tool!

Computers give us countless opportunities for learning, creativity, communication, e-services, etc. But for many, these doors remain closed because they do not have the necessary knowledge...

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Facet 5 - Success stories created and shared together

We're sharing success stories where people's good consumption and behavioral habits have created an opportunity for those who did not have it before!

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Facet 6 - Recycling of materials

Everything taken from nature must work for the longest possible cycle. If a product can no longer provide value in any aspect of green dice, we will invest in the reuse of materials and the creation of new products from existing resources.

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Previous project

Computer inventory of the Pärnu Youth Leisure Center received a complete renovation

As an IT partner of Coop Bank, we changed depreciated computers of Pärnu Youth Leisure Center. The existing equipment had also been used by the bank in […]

  • Pärnu Youth Leisure Center received 4 desktop computers and 1 laptop
  • GreenDice remains responsible for the operation of the computers during the entire period of use.
  • When computers no longer create value, GreenDice takes them back and contributes to material recycling.
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