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We are creating the first technology cycle in the world that measures the CO2 footprint of a company’s IT equipment and helps reduce it.

Conscious consumption of IT technology allows quality equipment to be valued for 10+ years, while creating opportunities inside the computer world for those who do not have it today.


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More than 200 companies have already joined us,

who all want to reduce their IT footprint and make a social contribution to making computers more accessible.


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How do GreenDice partners win?

1. IT technology CO2 footprint reporting (ESG reports)

We have developed a system based on which we can accurately calculate the footprint of each purchased device, and based on this, we can also prepare accurate reports on the CO2 footprint of all IT equipment.
We are also helpful in preparing ESG reports.

2. Reduction of the CO2 footprint

Reducing the CO2 footprint of IT technology is something no one else can promise. Thanks to our end-to-end device journey, we also map out unpurchased devices, provided that the device passed on to the next person in the technical circle. One device not purchased means one new device not produced, which also reduces the overall CO2 footprint.

3. Social contribution (employer branding)

All GreenDice partners create opportunities for underprivileged groups by keeping their tech in circulation and, if desired, creating educational content to support those entering the computing world.

4. Accurate statistics on the recycling of technical equipment materials

GreenDice very precisely monitors the movement of each device in a complete technical circle. Therefore, every device that has reached the end of its life cycle and is destined for material recycling, we consider the total amount of recycled materials.

5. Recommendation and special pricing for long-term equipment through manufacturers.

Each GreenDice partner has its own standardized equipment that is mainly used, which allows GreenDice partners to receive special pricing directly from manufacturers.

GreenDice partner contribution?

What must a GreenDice partner follow and do when joining?

GreenDice partnership is free and there are no costs involved. When becoming a partner, it is important for us that the partner thinks and acts according to the principles of our technical circle

1. Together with us, he would take care of the fact that his company does not have old equipment, but forwards it through us

2. Would only source equipment that is sustainable and designed to last at least 10 years

3. Create an overview of your technical park together with us

4. It would help us to raise awareness in our company about the need for a maintenance consumption culture so that the equipment lasts

Let’s change the world together!

Join our 200+ partners!


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