GreenDice helps to implement Yolo Group’s sustainable goals

Yolo Group is a GreenDice partner and cares about what happens to employees’ IT devices when they no longer create value within the company. Through our IT technology cycle, they move on to the community that values ​​the products until the end of their life cycle.


The head of GreenDice, Argo Alaniit, was a guest speaker at the “Lunch and Learn” event organized by Yolo Group and shared with almost 100 interested people tips on how to maintain your computer better, so that it would later create value in a weaker target group. We know that there is currently no circulation of IT technology in the world, and we also explained to Yolo employees why this is so and how we can change it together. It was a great pleasure to see that the people of the company with almost 900 employees thought along with us, asked a lot of practical questions and were really interested in the topic.


Yolo Group’s core business is to bring next-level innovation to gaming, casino, fintech, blockchain and many other sectors. Yolo’s main goal is to create a unique and comprehensive entertainment center for its customers around the world. Yolo Group believes in the operation of a larger “ecosystem”, which means that by contributing to its employees and society, the company itself is also more sustainable. The company’s head office is new and innovative, which means that their building is very environmentally friendly. In addition to that, the company also has a “Green Team” that provides information on green issues to its employees and looks for solutions to make office life greener.