GreenDice hosted the Dentsu TechBar

Dentsu is the fastest growing group of marketing communication agencies globally, which is a strategic partner for leading brands in 145 countries, including Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The company’s goal is to grow customers’ business through innovative media, communication and digital solutions.

Dentsu provides its employees with the best IT equipment that is sustainable and creates value in the GreenDice community after internal use.

This week we had the pleasure of helping with the TechBar organized by Dentsu Estonia. It is an in-house training, during which advice is given on problems related to IT equipment and software. The main goal is to introduce to those who do not feel strongly about IT topics on a daily basis, what are the activities that each person can do on their own device and, most importantly, how to give IT support the best possible input in case of problems that may arise.

So, in practice, we went through a playful competition to see what components a computer consists of and what functions the different parts have. We believe that the next time, when one of the employees needs, for example, a new cable to connect a computer to a monitor, he can immediately tell the IT technician whether his device has a VGA, HDMI, DisplayPort or USB-C connection. Or if an IT technician asks a person to tell them the serial number of their device, they know exactly where to find it.

We also reviewed the sustainability roadmap of the Dentsu Global Group, which is very thorough and well written, and we recommend it to other companies as an example.

We also talked about how GreenDice across ICT devices helps Dentsu’s sustainability goals. In addition, we gave practical tricks and tips on how every employee of the company can contribute to the realization of the company’s goals.

Thank you Dentsu for inviting and hosting us!