GreenDice raised the environmental awareness of the employees of the The joint organization of EAS and KredEx

EAS and KredEx joint organization is an excellent example of a responsible organization that measures the ecological footprint of its activities and seeks solutions to reduce it. In terms of ICT devices, the GreenDice tech circle helps to reduce their CO2 footprint.

Employees are also involved in the topic of sustainability and can participate in in-house environmental awareness training.

We had an excellent opportunity to share our thoughts and knowledge during two training days. Our CEO Argo Alaniit spoke in more detail about why it is important to be more environmentally aware. What does it mean to be sustainable and which companies are really sustainable? We hear this term more and more every day, but few have deciphered it for themselves. So we hear marketing slogans, how companies are carbon neutral, completely green, but unfortunately, there is often no real action behind the words.

We also discussed why climate refugees have arisen and how they affect the security of different societies.

Each of our actions affects the environment, and one of the units used to measure the impact is, for example, the carbon footprint. We talked more about whether CO2 is a problem or whether it is just a unit and the problem is its quantity instead. We also explained the term offsetting.

The joint institution of EAS and KredEx has joined the GreenDice technical circle, and their IT equipment will continue to be valued in our community. We shared instructions on how to maintain your IT equipment well and how every employee of the joint institution can contribute to implementing the organization’s sustainability goals.

Thank you very much for dealing with this topic so effectively, for caring, and for being a great role model! In particular, we would like to single out your IT team, which is actively looking for solutions to reduce the footprint of the organization’s activities.