GreenDice went on to Äripäev radio to talk about the tech circulation

GreenDice CEO Argo Alaniit and partner relations manager Raili Kala shared their thoughts on sustainability on the Äripäev radio program “Sustainable and green”. The show was hosted by Mai Kroonmäe.

We talked about what it means that we are the first in the world to create IT tech circulation, how the circulation works exactly, how it differs from recycling, how companies and the community benefit from cooperation, and what are our future plans.

We also touched on the subject of ESG reports in more detail and pointed out examples of how our tech circulation can contribute to both the environment and society and at the same time measure it all.


Listen to the show!

Äripäeva raadio · 15.09.22 Kasutatud tehnika ringlusse – GreenDice suunab ettevõtete arvutid kogukonda