GreenDice partner Breakwater Technology inspired the young people of Räägu School

In October, together with our partner companies, we opened a computer class at the Räägu School created for Ukrainian children, and we promised to visit the young people once a month to give one inspiring school lesson. We carried out the first of them already on the day of the opening and the second at the beginning of this week.

On this occasion, the lesson was held in cooperation with our partner Breakwater Technology, who opened the behind-the-scenes of its daily work to the 5th-grade youngsters. The fact that the performers are from Ukraine and the presentation was also in Ukrainian was especially awesome.

Sergiy, who today leads the software engineering team at Breakwater, is from Dnipro, Ukraine. He has lived in Estonia for almost 3 years and told the young people about how he started his career at school and helped manage computers. QA engineer Nataliia has studied economics and previously worked as an accountant and auditor. But one moment she realized that it was not an interesting field for her, and she moved on to IT and works as a tester today. DevOps engineer Maksym is a newcomer to Breakwaters and shared his story of how he arrived in Estonia and what he likes the most here.

Many thanks to Sergiy, Nataliia and Maksym for inspiring young people!