Join the GreenDice community

You'll get a well-maintained top class computer only from €5.90 per month with no binding commitment. You are part of the GreenDice community, where we take all the risks associated with the device away from you. We guide you to learn and develop with the help of a computer!

It is not an installment payment! As loyalty grows, the membership fee decreases every year, because thanks to you, the ecological footprint of all of us reduces.

A person who recycles deserves praise, safe environment and uninterrupted customer service because he/she is good for the planet.

Do not purchase equipment whose previous owner cannot be identified. Otherwise, the companies will never become more responsible and all the risk will remain on you.

Things are completely wrong in the world when it comes to environmental awareness and responsibility, and we're here to change that!

Membership includes

You can cancel your subscription at any time, it is not a binding obligation!

Business class computer

Computer, without binding obligation. You can return the device at any time.

Only thanks to our partners

Only thanks to our partners

The device has a full warranty from us, which means that we will solve every concern or problem, even if it arises due to your own fault.

Community support

Access to a portal that looks like Facebook, where you can communicate with us, get inspiration and find like-minded people.

Access to a learning platform

You can participate in online seminars and access our own learning environment.

Choose a high-quality laptop or desktop computer. Both if necessary

We believe that every person deserves access to high-quality computer technology, regardless of location. Our devices are such that the speed is so good that we can also use them in our daily work.

Desktop set

Energy efficient and quiet, ~40cm high (eg: Dell Optiplex 3050)

i5-i7, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD + 23-24 inch LCD monitor, keyboard, mouse, wifi if necessary


A desktop computer is a good choice if you want your posture to be in order and your body in the right position when using the device. Today's computers are no longer large and do not take up much space. The large 23-24 inch screen is great for both work and entertainment. Business series computers have very low power consumption and do not make any noise at all.

5.90 €
I choose set


14-inch, light, thin and fast (eg: Lenovo ThinkPad T480)

i5, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Full HD 1920x1080 screen, 4 hours battery life


A laptop is a good choice if you don't have a fixed workplace and need to carry your computer with you all the time. At the same time, the laptop is mostly to blame for why we don't sit straight and properly at the computer, because it is comfortable to lounge on the sofa. If there is room, a decent small desktop computer would definitely be better for children's health.

6.90 €
I choose a laptop


Various IT equipment

Community members have the opportunity to recycle various devices

Online portal

To get more detailed information, you must already be a member of our community who can access the "community" platform

9.90 €
IT equipment

How is it possible to have such high-quality equipment so cheaply and with zero risk?

This is the green revolution, because our more than 230 partners are grateful to you, a person who benefits the environment, for helping to reduce their environmental impact. Follow these companies, because they have made the green turn understandable for themselves and thereby create opportunities for every Estonian family.

Inchcape Coop Pank SEB EASi ja KredExi ühendasutus Elron Scania Eesti Veriff Ülemiste Center

What do they do differently?

1 They understand that every purchase has an environmental impact

They source devices that are of high quality and keep them with the idea that they will be valuable to the GreenDice community in the future.

2 They value their people with the best IT technology!

In most cases, our partner companies replace their computer equipment with a new one after 3-5 years, because in the fast pace of work, every minute gained counts. Replaced devices will go to the GreenDice community.

3 They don't want to be irresponsible

It is not correct to put the technical risks or disposal related to targeted devices on the shoulders of people who benefit the environment. That's why they are partners with GreenDice to stay up-to-date with life cards.

GreenDice computer or other used device

By joining the community
  • Top class device and lifetime warranty
  • The exact origin of the device
  • Kept as intended
  • Access to the GreenDice community
  • Targeted guidance through the learning environment
  • You help our members reduce the CO2 footprint of computer parks
Random used computer
  • Usually 6 to12 months warranty
  • No insurance
  • Unknown origin
  • Not kept as intended
  • Lack of training and guidance
  • Price from 349 € and more
  • How and where to dispose correctly?
  • If the need changes, the device cannot be changed/upgraded


Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are there additional costs for the device?

Only the shipping cost to deliver the computer to the nearest parcel machine, but no other additional costs.

2) Can I return the device at any time and how?

Membership is non-binding and you can always cancel and return the device. To do this, just write to

3) What do I do if something happens to the device?

The computer has a full warranty from us, which means that if something happens, there will be no additional costs for you.

4) If I want a newer device, can I ask for it?

Yes, if the needs grow, the device can also be changed to a more powerful one. This can be asked directly from the community.

5) How do I pay for the subscription?

There are two ways to pay, either by invoice or as a standing order. A standing order can be issued if it is a MasterCard or Visa card and internet payments are enabled.

6) How can I join?

You can sign up on our partner's website by using the "Join GreenDice" button.

7) Is it an installment plan?

No, this is not an installment plan, but a community service that includes a business class laptop rental. Device warranty for the entire period, without a binding contract. This means that the service can be terminated at any time that suits you without additional charges.

8) Can I get other IT devices?

Yes, the computer is the basis of everything, but through the community, you can also ask for mice, keyboards, webcams, chargers, cables, headphones, etc. If you are a good learner, there will be a chance to get phones as well.

9) Who can help with the software?

The community is designed to guide people to use freeware whenever possible, but can also help with various other programs and their recommendations.

In cooperation with you

we are doing something new and the opportunity of the revolutionary or IT world will reach every person in the world!

We are closing the digital divide in the world

By joining us, you contribute to the creation of equal development opportunities for every person. An IT device with internet connection and referrals hides more quality education than any school.

Green revolution

Enough of fake marketing and let's do things realistically, We all have the opportunity to raise our environmental awareness and thus make smarter choices in life. We prove that there are still high-quality products in the world and measure their real durability for society.

Digital competence

The IT world is actually nothing complicated, a computer is a machine and machines are logical and systematic. Let's fix the basic truths together and from now on we will notice the possibilities of the digital world and consciously step past the dangers.

Personal development is your responsibility

If we all have similar opportunities to develop, it's great to get better step by step on the Internet. We inspire how to increase your knowledge and later turn it into service.