Mapri Ehitus’ computers are being recycled with the help of GreenDice

Mapri Ehitus is directing its used computers to the GreenDice community, taking the first steps on a measurable sustainability journey.

Tõnu Jalakas, Mapri Ehitus’ Quality and Development Manager, says that the sustainable principle was the reason why the construction company joined GreenDice. The working computers of the company will find the next grateful users. Mapri Ehitus has sent nearly 20 laptops for recycling.

“Our computer park is large, and due to the nature of our work, the demands on the computer are high. The lifespan of a computer for us is about 3-4 years, and after that, it is still a very good device that can serve an average user for many years. In cooperation with GreenDice, our computers will find a new owner, and the benefit is multiple: a resource that we no longer need will be put to reasonable use, the next user will get a computer at a reasonable price, and ultimately, the environment benefits the most, as it will be burdened less,” says Jalakas.

The construction process is a very resource-intensive activity that has a significant impact on the surrounding environment. Mapri Ehitus considers it important to minimize this impact by designing optimal solutions, budgeting accurately to generate as little waste as possible on the construction site, and sorting waste during construction so that as much of it as possible can be recycled.

According to GreenDice CEO Argo Alaniit, organizations that have an honest desire to reduce their environmental impact turn to them. “We give our partner companies the opportunity to transparently measure the carbon footprint of their ICT devices and help them by further enhancing these devices through our community service, and we are responsible until they are recycled. Together with Mapri Ehitus, we could positively impact more than 20 Estonian families by the end of the year, who would not have to buy new technical devices due to responsible consumption culture.”

Alaniit says they are aiming for a thousand products per year, but GreenDice’s goal is to reach tens of thousands. “So far, we have received about a thousand devices and redirected more than 500. Unfortunately, we have also received about 7 tons of devices that went directly to recycling because they were broken or too old,” he says.

We are grateful that Mapri Ehitus has taken this journey with us!


Photo by Erik Riikoja. Pictured (from left): GreenDice CEO Argo Alaniit, Mapri Ehitus Quality and Development Manager Tõnu Jalakas, and GreenDice Sales Specialist Priidik Kuivits.