Our story

From an occasional tourist trip to a perfect technical cycle


There is no technical circulation in the world today, and GrenDice is the first company to change that. There are also a number of companies in Estonia that are taking IT technology to a new circle, but no one is interested in what will happen to these products. We’ve created a system that allows you to accurately track where your device came from, where it’s moving forward, and what’s currently ending its life cycle. After the products are finished, we take them to recycle, creating a perfect technical circle .

The idea for GreenDice started with a casual tourist trip to Morocco a few years ago, where the manager of a local surf camp was relatively computer literate. We started chatting, and after a few years of preparation, we set up a business in Morocco, through which we took the first 60 laptops. We realized pretty soon that people don’t know what options a computer offers. The products were purchased solely because of their status, but the positive opportunities that come with it – the computer as a learning and working tool – remained incomprehensible.


Walking the streets of Morocco and asking locals about their dreams will make every young person want to leave the country, emigrate to Europe, and ideally find an office there. However, it is not known what is being done in the office at all. However, when you are told that you do not have to emigrate to work well for a European company, you are always asked how?

Unfortunately, locals do not understand that knowledge and computers are enough to work for a good business and they do not have to leave home (the internet is very good in the country). In fact, people like Morocco – the climate, food, society, and culture are diverse – but leave because of unemployment and low wages.



Our idea in Morocco was not to sell computer products for status but to really inspire people to develop themselves using computers. We wanted to show that the computer can be a tool to successfully generate revenue in both the local and foreign markets.

At the same time, to our surprise, people in remote areas of Estonia also have poor access to high-quality computer equipment, and there is no good level of guidance and teaching that would popularize the computer as a tool for learning and work. That’s why we want to change the logic of computer consumption in GreenDice. At the moment, everyone is trying to increase their profits, so a decent and high-quality product is expensive and does not reach the destination where it is most needed. Even if something is sent somewhere for a noble purpose, it is often IT rubbish that is simply wanted to get rid of, and humanitarian aid is a good opportunity to do so (which is why many African countries have made it very difficult to bring used technology to the country). . Moreover, due to the imbalance between supply and demand, no business will offer products in an area without financial capacity.



We believe and work to ensure that the new hardware vendor adds value to its end customer by knowing where the technology they are moving is going and how it is supporting the technical circulation to maximize the value and value of the product. > It will succeed if all vendors start behaving similarly, and we at GreenDice hope to set an example for others.

We have been selling high-quality computer equipment for almost 12 years in Estonia and Latvia (we grew out of NB.ee). Therefore, we believe that we are a very good leader and can prove that our model is sustainable.




Argo Alaniit
Author and CEO of the GreenDice idea