Prisma and GreenDice started a collaboration towards measurable circular economy

At the beginning of May, Prisma Peremarket and GreenDice started a collaboration to promote environmentally friendly technology recycling. As a first step in the cooperation, Prisma handed over more than two hundred decommissioned computers and other IT devices to GreenDice, which will either find new users for them or redirect them for material recycling.  

Ruve Kreek, the IT Manager of Prisma, stated that although the collaboration is still in its early stages, he is very optimistic about it. “It is important for us to support a circular economy through this collaboration, as well as ensuring high quality and security in data destruction and technology handling,” he noted. He also highlighted the opportunity to measure the company’s carbon footprint in the IT field as a significant aspect. “Retail is an actively used sector for IT equipment, and our technology requires regular upgrading. It is important to do it in an environmentally sustainable manner,” added Kreek. 

Argo Alaniit, the CEO of GreenDice, mentioned that large companies like Prisma can influence the purchasing behavior of ordinary people through their consumption habits. “Since Prisma has joined GreenDice’s technology recycling initiative, we now have the opportunity to track the lifecycle of their IT devices and measure the reuse of technology. By replacing devices after a certain cycle, Prisma promotes the reuse of quality IT tools and provides ordinary consumers with the option to choose long-lasting devices instead of cheap ones. As a partner, GreenDice helps transparently measure and report the deployment of devices,” said Alaniit. 

GreenDice works towards transforming technology recycling by enabling the measurement and sharing of the environmental impact of ICT devices. 

Environmentally friendly technology recycling is an important part of Prisma’s activities towards sustainable growth. Sustainable growth, in turn, is one of Prisma’s three main areas of responsibility, along with supporting responsible consumption and the principle of a fair world.