Computer inventory of the Pärnu Youth Leisure Center received a complete renovation

As an IT partner of Coop Bank, we changed depreciated computers of Pärnu Youth Leisure Center. The existing equipment had also been used by the bank in the past, but today it is almost 12 years old and has outlived its usefulness.

Pärnu Youth Leisure Center is a non-profit organization that works mainly with the support of various projects. However, this does not guarantee stability and confidence that everything necessary will be financed.

So the computer inventory of the leisure center was also desperately waiting for an upgrade because the computers and monitors in daily use were so old that it was no longer possible to open programs with them, let alone play. Young people use computers mainly to surf the Internet, do homework, and play games, but also to find jobs. In addition, there is also great interest in video processing and design programs, which can now be done with the new computers.

The youth leisure center is mostly visited by young people in grades 1-7 (ages 7-15) from both the city of Pärnu and the county. Many young people come from low-income families, some are directed to do socially useful work, and there are also NEET young people and Ukrainian children. In addition, there is also a youth activity for the ages of 16-21.

GreenDice replaced all 4 desktop computers and monitors of the leisure center, as well as one laptop, which the center can use for mobile youth work (MoNo). We remain the IT partner of the Pärnu Youth Leisure Center and provide a lifetime guarantee for the equipment. When the life cycle of the equipment comes to an end, we take back the equipment and direct the materials to be recycled. In this way, we can complete the technical round of Coop Pank’s equipment.

The young people were pleased with the new computers and started testing them immediately. Larger monitors and fast and quiet computers were praised.

Companies that contributed to the project and whose environmental impact will be reduced through cooperation