GreenDice´i tech circulation helped a community in Uganda

The computers from GreenDice’s tech circulation reached the Ugandan community through Estonian actress Henessi Schmidt to give the people there the opportunity to improve their lives.

Henessi is a woman with a big heart who founded the sustainable charity Little Bridge Foundation, which aims to offer our knowledge and help to connect those in need with sustainable solutions – to improve people’s living conditions and future views, support nature conservation and raise awareness of environmental problems and solutions.

The Little Bridge Foundation is currently engaged in improving local living conditions and building a sustainable community in the village of Bugiri, Uganda.

The goal of the organization’s work in Uganda is to create a self-functioning, sustainable, and growing community that would not be dependent on donations, would contribute to nature conservation, create more jobs, and support the education and growth of the next generation – a more informed and hopeful one.

Bugiri village today needs conditions that are necessary for life and that are basic for us. In eight months, the Little Bridge Foundation and its supporters have been able to do a lot, but there is still a long way to go. Until a few weeks ago, the community of almost 100 people did not have access to clean drinking water, which has led to serious health concerns. People still lack access to healthy hygiene.

Today, a deep and properly protected borehole has been built, which provides the community with clean drinking water. 4 acres of land have been purchased for the community to be able to grow their own food. 23 children have been sent to school through the charity organization. A proper road has been created to access the community areas.

GreenDice’s contribution in the form of laptops seems very modest compared to today’s challenges, yet we know that thanks to computers, the community can manage better and help create jobs and learn income-generating skills. We remain their IT partner and want to pass on knowledge on how to develop with the help of computers and create better opportunities for the entire community.

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Companies that contributed to the project and whose environmental impact will be reduced through cooperation