Gunvor Services and GreenDice contributed to the training project of the Estonian Refugee Council

Estonian Refugee Council has organized since the end of April group counselling for Ukrainians all over Estonia on four topics: adaptation, employment, digital skills and supporting a child’s adaptation. In addition to providing specific knowledge, this has helped refugees to expand their local network of contacts and friendships and has created a better foundation for building their lives.

The purpose of group counselling is to offer refugees a safe environment and opportunity to exchange their experiences with others in a similar situation. They are carried out by experts in their field and by Ukrainians themselves, who use agreed methods and provide guidance on where to find quality and verified information. Workshops help refugees establish contacts and build social networks.

Our partner company Gunvor Services directed the well-maintained laptops of its employees to teach digital skills through GreenDice technology recycling. In the digital skills workshop, the focus is on possibilities offered by the e-state – internet banking, introduction to the patient portal, digital signatures, and other e-competences. By today, 90 digital skills workshops have taken place. These take place in cooperation with BCS Koolitus AS.

Gunvor has helped with GreenDice people in need across Estonia with more than 50 computers, and bigger projects are still ahead. Before joining us, the company was in demand and did not know what to do with IT equipment, which is constantly updated.

The GreenDice technology cycle guides employees of partner companies to take a better care of their equipment, measures and reduces the CO2 footprint of the company’s IT equipment and contributes socially back to the society. The entire life cycle of the device is always monitored and controlled, and the technical devices that are forwarded eventually end up in the correct material recycling.

Companies that contributed to the project and whose environmental impact will be reduced through cooperation