Helmes and GreenDice supported the Ukrainian refugees with laptops

The software company Helmes wanted to contribute to the children and youth of Ukraine so that they would have the opportunity to participate in education. The company had high-quality laptops left, which they didn`t need on their own. To track the equipment and add value to its end of life, we have added devices to the GreenDice technical cycle.

We handed over the equipment to the Estonian Union for Child Walfare, which delivers devices directly to those in need. According to the Estonian Union for Child Walfare, almost 13,000 Ukrainian war refugees have arrived in Estonia who are studying in Estonian schools at a distance from Estonia or have already started their studies in Estonian schools. There is a shortage of at least 1,000 laptops, which are essential for children to learn, and this need is likely to increase. That is why every contribution is important!


By relocating computers through GreenDice, you can be sure that the devices have been cleaned of previous information, checked for reliability, and ready for use. Thanks to the unique system, it is possible to track exactly where the device is moving.


It is important for GreenDice that the computers that we give are with high quality and sustainable. There is no point in donating just any device to “do good”, it can bring more worry than joy. Our goal is to recycle equipment that creates long-term value. We understand that anything can always happen with technology, which is why we are always there to help as IT partner, and when the device reaches the end of its life, we make sure that it is recycled or utilized. We do not want to create extra rubbish that collects dust in someone’s drawer.


With the help of good partner companies, half a hundred Ukrainian war refugees have already received computer support through GreenDice.


Companies that contributed to the project and whose environmental impact will be reduced through cooperation