We gave Ukrainian war refugees the opportunity to participate in distance learning

Construction company Axarol OÜ is based in the village of Uhtna and comapy employes number of Ukrainian citizens. When the war began, their wives and children came to Estonia, and today they are trying to adjust to local life. The schoolchildren are distance learning through the Zoom environment, but since they did not have computers until now, they participated in the lessons through a small phone screen. That is why we received a request for help from a company operating in Uhtna – to provide children with computers so they can take part in school lessons. Our good partners Alutaguse rural municipality government and NB.ee helped to deliver them 10 laptops.


We are very happy that we got decent computers. Our biggest concern was that because the phone screens are so small, a lot of content was lost in distance learning.


Today, there are at least 15 Ukrainian children aged 2.5-17 in the community. Thanks to Sõmeru municipality they have a kindergarten for smaller children, where Ukrainian mothers

who have previous experience as a music teacher and kindergarten teacher. In addition, everyone has the opportunity to take part in language learning and hobbies.


GreenDice will continue to manage the computers and will be responsible for ensuring that the equipment is recycled in the future.


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Companies that contributed to the project and whose environmental impact will be reduced through cooperation