The focus is on reducing waste generation in Europe

Various campaigns, quizzes, seminars, and other activities will take place both physically and online during the European Week for Waste Reduction until November 26. The goal is to raise awareness of the problem and find a solution to the ever-increasing problem.

It’s nice to see that the topic is kept current with various initiatives, but for us at GreenDice, it’s a daily mission. We are of the opinion that the most effective waste reduction can only be done with circular management.

Electronic waste is the fastest-growing waste sector in the world, so it is very important to be aware of what really happens to the things we no longer need.

According to the UN, approximately 53.6 million tons of e-waste is generated worldwide each year. Only 17% of them reach the electronics collection points, and 83% are lost. Because there is no transparent system, we see burning garbage dumps in Africa, India, and America, which is called the disposal of electronic devices.

The transparent and measurable technology circulation created by GreenDice is one of the few solutions that already contributes to reducing the generation of e-waste today. The real-time monitoring system creates an opportunity to see the entire life map of a single product and measure the percentage of material recycling.

Maximizing the reuse of products certainly helps to reduce waste, but only if it is fully traceable – selling used products to the unknown is not!