The Future – Green and Digital in Every Field

“Future – green and digital in every field” was the theme of the career day we organized for 9th-grade students of Valga municipality schools.

Valga Gymnasium has been organizing career days for several years now, focusing on different themes each month. We had the opportunity to discuss how IT and environmental sustainability are related to various professions and career choices.

The day was introduced by Argo Alaniit, CEO of GreenDice, who explained how green solutions impact businesses and why environmentally conscious trends are promising. In addition to the motivational lecture, we conducted four practical workshops:

  1. Practical workshop on computer hardware – led by Alexander Assmann, Operations Manager at GreenDice.
    The workshop focused on computer hardware – participants learned about the essential components of a computer, how they look, and what their functions are. Additionally, they dismantled computers and performed minor maintenance tasks.
  2. Practical workshop on IT software – led by Herman Õunapuu, software developer at Concise Systems.
    The workshop addressed a serious question that has plagued millions of people worldwide: “What should I make for dinner tonight?” Participants had the opportunity to step into the shoes of a software developer and create a cool website that solves this complex problem with just one click. During the process of solving this world-changing problem, participants could also inquire from industry experts about working in an IT company, the topics they deal with daily, and how to start a career in IT.
  3. IT developments in agriculture – led by Maarja Paomees, CEO of Hummuli Agro, and Martin Žuravljov, head of crop production.
    Agriculture is a field that affects us daily through our food. Often, people are unaware of what constitutes quality food and how it reaches us. Agrone showcased the developments in agriculture over time, demonstrated how human labor has been replaced by large and powerful machines, highlighted IT developments in the field, and explained how a greener future determines future directions.
  4. Entrepreneurship workshop – led by Argo Alaniit, CEO of GreenDice.
    The entrepreneurship workshop discussed the problems that can be solved through entrepreneurship, the biggest challenges in the field, and the personality traits that are most conducive to success. This workshop generated a lot of excitement as it also involved practicing sales skills.

Information technology is an essential part of every sector. Hummuli Agro, part of the Agrone group, vividly demonstrated in their workshop how technological advancements have taken agriculture to a new level. While many have previously thought of animal or crop farming as dirty and stagnant work, the reality is quite different. For example, Maarja Paomees, CEO of Hummuli Agro, and Martin Žuravljov, head of crop production, introduced young people to devices such as a pulse meter for cows, which collects data in the barn, and drones that map field activities and can autonomously perform pest control. Modern tractors are equipped with cutting-edge technology, and drivers even enjoy working in these expensive machines barefoot 😊. These are just a few examples of why technology is a promising and exciting field worth studying.

We were delighted that Herman, a software developer from Concise Systems, joined us and provided insights into the life of a developer. Several young people got their hands dirty with coding and hopefully found encouragement to pursue a career in IT.

The day was productive and enjoyable, and hopefully, we managed to inspire the youth, as they will soon have to make an important choice in their careers.