The IT department plays a key role in driving sustainability in the company

When we first started GreenDice, more than two years ago now, the IT department was usually the first ones we were directed to. This is still the case today, and it is quite logical – after all, it is through IT that we work with businesses, and it is the IT department that is responsible for this. The problem with this is that, in most cases, the IT department does not have the power to make the decision to join GreenDice on their own, but they must go along with the idea.  

We are always genuinely delighted when we meet IT managers who understand our idea and see the greater value we add to their work.   

How can GreenDice make IT managers’ jobs easier?  

Depending on the size of the company or the systems, the IT department will have an overview of the company’s computer fleet and other technical gadgets. As every area is digitally connected, good IT support in the company is crucial. However, we often see and hear that IT managers are very busy with different tasks, some of which can be quite time-consuming.  

We can help and take some of the burden.   

  • We help manage processes related to equipment that the company no longer needs.  
  • We can help with data destruction, if necessary, according to your business requirements.    
  • We take care of all logistics.  
  • We service the equipment ourselves and pass it on to the community to prolong its life and maximize reuse.  
  • Equipment that is no longer of value is sent for disposal or materials recycling.   


GreenDice also contributes to the support of the company’s employees.  

Raising people’s awareness is essential if we are to deliver on our mission of providing quality digital access and support to every person in the world. Together with the IT department, we educate the company’s employees to take better care of their tools. This will make equipment last longer and enable more people to contribute to digital development.   

If an employee has a need or a desire for a personal computer, monitor or other IT tool, we also refer them to the community. That way, we are there to support them should they need technical assistance, and the IT department doesn’t have to spend time dealing with personal concerns.   

There are many good examples in Estonia. 

GreenDice partners include a number of companies that are excellent examples of sustainability leaders. We would like to highlight the IT department of the joint agency of EAS and KredEx, which has taken sustainability to heart. As well as contributing to the community, they have led training for employees to raise awareness of the wider environment. Other notable activities have been undertaken by SEB, which has also made a strong contribution to community development and has promoted a sustainable mindset across the company. Omniva’s IT department is introducing a practice within the company whereby every employee can map what is happening with their device. This creates an opportunity to resolve technical glitches that arise in an operationally efficient and effective manner. In this way, we also see our overview of the status of the equipment being forwarded and know how to address problem areas.  

The IT department can play an important role in the company’s green strategy, and there are many good examples in addition to those mentioned above. We are happy to partner with you and help you achieve your goals with real action and impact.