The joint organization of EAS and KredEx reduces the ecological footprint of its computer fleet in cooperation with GreenDice

EAS and KredEx joint organization signed a service contract with the company GreenDice AS, which measures and reduces the carbon footprint of the organization’s computer fleet.

We have mapped the entire computer park of the joint organization, which includes about a thousand devices. The foundation’s approximate ecological footprint of ICT equipment is a total of 550,000 kg/CO2-e. Since the life cycle of the equipment is fully traceable through the GreenDice technical circle and the equipment is valued further in the community, a shared responsibility is created, which allows for immediate reduction of the current CO2 footprint by at least 50%.

The CEO of GreenDice Argo Alaniit acknowledges that the subject of carbon footprint measurement is still in its infancy in Estonian companies and many do not quite understand it. “European Union directives stipulate that member states reduce their CO2 footprint by 55% by 2030. In order to do this, it is first necessary to measure how large the ecological footprint of companies is, then to find solutions to reduce it, and only as a last resort to offset. We often see that many companies immediately choose the last option and do not look for ways to reduce their footprint,” states Alaniit.

By reducing the ecological footprint, the company also wins financially. For example, if the joint organization of EAS and KredEx had the obligation today to completely “offset” the footprint of its computer fleet, it would cost 35,750 euros. Thanks to your participation in our technical circle, this cost will not be incurred.

According to Paul Kalle, a member of the board of the joint organization, cooperation with GreenDice is very important, because it helps, among other things, to create a more aware and responsible organization. “The joint organization of EAS and KredEx wants to be an example and a direction indicator for other Estonian companies that want to meet the set sustainability goals,” said Kalle.

We are the first in the world to create a transparent technical circle of ICT equipment, measuring and reducing the ecological footprint of companies through shared responsibility in the community. Today, more than 200 companies in Estonia have joined our technical circle.


Photo (GreenDice): In the picture, Argo Alaniit, CEO of GreenDice, and Paul Kalle, member of the board of the EAS and KredEx joint organization.