We are exited about GreenDice’s first big event

Last week, GreenDice’s first major customer event took place, thanking the companies that have joined our technical circle. Representatives of Inchcape Motors and LHV shared their thoughts on measuring the CO2 footprint and consuming sustainable equipment during a panel discussion during the event.

Argo Alaniit, the author and CEO of GreenDice’s idea, talked about how there is currently no technical circulation in the world and how GreenDice is the first company to create it. The perfect technical cycle includes four aspects: companies that are GreenDice’s partners, a community that rents out computers from € 9.90, values ​​the equipment until it reaches the end of its life, and then recycles it.

Roland Raud, head of Inchcape Motors’ business line, and Mihkel Tamm, LHV’s sustainability specialist, shared exciting thoughts on the responsible consumption culture of corporate computer parks and its necessity during the panel discussion. We talked about whether the issues of sustainability and CO2 measurement are at all important for the customers and employees, what products can be recycled at all, and how the footprint of computer parks can be measured.

Members of the GreenDice community shared their stories and experiences of previous exposure to new cheap or used computers. All of them had a rather negative experience before, and it is obvious how much it is necessary to send the equipment to circulation and direct it to a weaker target group.

The mood was maintained by Tõnis Niinemets, who presented a stand up show written especially for this event. Maybe we’ll hear more about HumorDice soon 😉

Good music was provided by Inga Tislar and Josh Viinalass.

Many thanks to all the companies that have joined us, there are almost 150 of you today!