We introduced the idea of GreenDice to Japanese investors

Enterprise Estonia, in collaboration with the Collaborate & Invest Japan (JETRO), organized the Japan Innovation Day, where GreenDice also made a presentation.

This year, the Japan Innovation Day focused on the theme of green technology and digital solutions. Argo Alaniit, the founder and CEO of GreenDice, gave a three-minute pitch to Japanese investors among other companies. The event also featured an exciting panel discussion where experienced companies in the Japanese market shared their experiences, including Rainer Sternfeld (NordicNinja VC), Keita Nishiyama (Industrial Growth Platform, Inc), and Oliver Hall (Nordic Asian Venture Alliance). The panel was moderated by Gleb Maltsev.

The event was excellently organized and provided a great opportunity to expand our business network through networking lunch.

The following thoughts resonated with us:

  • Estonia has a good reputation among Japanese investors.
  • The Japanese want to know who you are – introduce yourself, tell your story.
  • Do your homework in advance – familiarize yourself with the Japanese market, competitors, etc.
  • It’s not always necessary to start with Japanese companies. Sometimes it’s more beneficial to collaborate with headquarters located in Europe first and then enter the Japanese market.
  • You must have a clear goal for entering the Japanese market.
  • It is advisable to conduct market research beforehand.

Many thanks to the joint institution of Enterprise Estonia for the opportunity to participate and introduce GreenDice!