We opened the doors of the Concise repair café for a few hours


“Remondikohvik” (repair café in English) is an event where we shared tips on how to take better care of our computer, explained why it is important at all, and in practice reviewed what a used computer looks like from the inside.

This time we had 5 desktops and 5 laptops that our partner wanted to take forward through the GreenDice model. These computers will further create value in the Narva care center.

What exactly did we do?

Our goal was to explain why equipment maintenance is important and to show how easy basic maintenance is, how to do it right, and what tools or precautions are needed.

There were a lot of tech enthusiasts from the software company Concise, who bravely put their hand on them, grabbed the screwdrivers with flying lightness and started to unscrew the computers. GreenDice’s technical support and experts from Concise´ were available on site to encourage this. It was a pleasure to see that it was a real team effort! Some participants had done something similar in the past and didn’t need more guidance, and smarter ones were using Google.

During the maintenance, the back panel was removed, the cooling system was removed, dust was removed from the fan, the thermal paste was scraped off and a new one was added. Since there were different computers on site for maintenance, it was good to compare the difference between their maintenance. The main thing that stood out was that the older models had to be disassembled into real details in order to reach the required elements, and therefore it took significantly longer to maintain. Particular care had to be taken with the small screws to keep everything in place when assembling the computer

During the “Remondikohvik”, we received confirmation that it is important for the company to acquire business class computers – they are durable, sustainable and easier to maintain. But the most important thing, of course, is that these computers are kept well, so they can create value and be used for the rest of their life cycle!

If you feel that “Remondikohvik” could also take place in your company, please contact us at hello@greendice.com.