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What does your company do?

Logistika Pluss operates in the field of warehouse logistics. We provide various warehouse services for manufacturing and trading companies. Our message and value proposition over the years has been that we help our customers focus on their core business by taking care of their inventory needs and also reduce their costs and ecological footprint by changing fixed costs to variable costs, i.e. unit-based accounting.

Various added values ​​come with purchasing a warehouse service even more – processes improve; cooperation agreements with suppliers or customers become more precise; additional reviews of goods, license status, etc. are improving; the risk of warehouse walls becoming “narrow” when order volumes increase, etc. disappears.

In addition, we also offer our customers the opportunity to create value for the goods in our warehouse by taking over activities that the customer would otherwise do in his factory or store. For example, quality checks, final assembly, packaging, sorting, etc. activities. In this case, the time or other resources (manpower, space, etc.) required for our customers’ own processes are reduced.


What motivated you to join GreenDice?

On the one hand, GreenDice’s approach to the problem of obsolescence and disposal of IT hardware, on the other, the passion with which GreenDice wants to solve this problem, which we have seen from each of your employees.

At Logistika Plus, we are dedicated to finding environmentally friendly solutions. We strive to make our company environmentally sustainable. In order to reduce the negative impact on the environment, we are dedicated to making processes more efficient, developing technologies and finding environmentally friendly solutions.

Have you implemented green and circular economy principles in the company and how?

Every company can do a lot for the environment, and every small step helps. We have developed several solutions to be more environmentally friendly, for example:
  • we sort waste and recycle it;
  • we use renewable energy;
  • in order to avoid heat and cold losses, we have separated the high warehouse from the loading area;
  • we have planned the lighting as environmentally friendly and resource-saving as possible;
  • by planning transport cycles, we reduce unnecessary journeys;
  • we involve our employees: all new employees receive quality and environmental training, where the company’s quality and environmental policy is introduced ;
  • We pass on the promotion of environmentally conscious thinking to our employees, customers, and cooperation partners.



Why is it important for you to contribute primarily to the development of Estonia and other societies?

Environmentally-friendly operations are one of our core interests and an inevitable prerequisite for long-term business. We invest in our people. Companies and entrepreneurship are a vital part of society, which not only generate profit for their owners, but also contribute to the development of the region where they are located through employees, technology, and values. It is important to us that our employees also share LP values ​​outside of work because even then they are so-called our representatives.

However, for this to happen, our people must believe in these values, as well as in the company’s goals and desired results. By creating a pleasant and satisfying environment for employees, we hope that this will also be transferred to their private lives and thus to society as a whole. We are constantly working to ensure that our employees do not have a job just for the salary, but also that other softer needs and values ​​are adequately covered. This has kept our frame rate % 5-10x lower than the industry average.

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