Tallinn Kindergarden Õunake and KLÕPS got laptops for work

In cooperation with Maru Ehitus, we supported the Tallinn Kindergarten Õunake and the Estonian Association of Teachers of Deaf/Hearing Impaired Children (Kuulmispuudega Laste Õpetajate Selts, KLÕPS).

Õunake is a kindergarten for children with mental and / or physical disabilities, most of whom do not speak verbally. There are 42 children in kindergarten, with whom it is necessary to use special study programs that develop non-verbal communication and cognitive abilities (perception, attention, memory, thinking). Every child is special and needs a different level of learning and development methodology.


The Estonian Association of Teachers of Deaf/Hearing Impaired Children (Kuulmispuudega Laste Õpetajate Selts, KLÕPS) is a non-governmental organisation, which was established on the initiative of active teachers, specialists and other professionals involved in the process of teaching and development of hearing impaired children.


The main aim of the organisation is to promote and improve the education of hearing impaired children as well as unite and represent all groups of interest in the field. The activities of the association are especially important and necessary because state preparation and / or in-service training for teachers of hearing-impaired children is not offered in Estonia, systematic support and training is often not provided in schools and there are no national teaching materials that take into account hearing-specific or the mother tongue is sign language).

As the association operates only due to voluntary work and does not earn income, all activities are carried out only on a project basis. One of the longer-term and main projects they have been involved in since 2012 is the creation of an Estonian / Estonian sign language input to the international sign language dictionary Spreadthesign (https://www.spreadthesign.com).


On the basis of a very small, mostly only a few enthusiasts and as a non-profit NGO, we are very happy and grateful for the computers we receive, and we hope that they will be able to provide more support for teachers, hearing-impaired children and their parents in the form of educational materials, videos, dictionaries and other essentials. We are currently organizing the 26th Congress of the European Association of Teachers of Hearing Impaired Children (http://www.feapda.eu/congress-22.html), which will take place on 30.09-1.10.2022 at the Nordic Hotel Forum in Tallinn, to ensure both accessibility and visual improvement for people with hearing impairments.

GreenDice will continue to manage the computers and will be responsible for ensuring that the equipment is recycled in the future.


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