GreenDice and Ala Middle School – old friends

In December, we ran into Area Elementary School again. A place that was already familiar to GreenDice – we did a whole new computer class for this school in the spring. It was all the more surprising when a letter arrived in the mailbox, where the social pedagogue of the given school, Helle, asked for computer donations. We’ve explored more …

As mentioned, the following message popped up in your email inbox:

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Good company manager!

A social pedagogue from a small rural school in Valga County will contact you and ask if there are any suitable, used computers in the computer park of your IT world. Although the school has a fairly good computer class, which is diligently used during classes and breaks, it is often necessary to do homework, one of the prerequisites of which is the existence of one’s own personal computer. The first period of distance learning last spring gave an overview of the lack of a computer as a tool in many homes, causing chaos, especially in families with many children, due to the lack of the necessary number of so-called working screens. The local government offered some relief by giving computers a short-term loan, but to date, they have all been returned to the municipality. During the preparation of a small Christmas surprise for the children of disadvantaged families in our school, we started asking the children for “dwarf wishes” – in addition to the remote control cars, the need for a computer has been heard from the older students. One way is to support the school’s own readiness to rent IT equipment, the other is, of course, if the children have their own computer, which is used in everyday home use.
Our letter is only intended to let you know that if you or your industry is just gathering dust, there are good second-generation young users here.

We recognized old friends right away and were proud to read that the school has a decent computer class.

We had just become a member of Dentsu , whose leader Brittet didn’t have much to persuade to join the GreenDice model. It is nice to meet leaders for whom the principles of the green and circular economy are important.

Dents had left about 4 years old laptops in the server room, which GreenDice took care of, cleaned, updated the batteries and installed fresh software.

An additional contribution was made by our member Lingvist , who sent one laptop to Ala school, but a special one instead. Namely, one student had written to the Christmas tree as a personal wish to get a personal laptop. Lingvist made it happen – with a decent and sustainable ThinkPad X270 as a laptop once upon a time, he began to become a friend of the world with the computer world. In the case of a linguist, it is also significant that they work on a daily basis to make language learning smoother. Contributing to education is a daily activity for them!

Now, as a member of GreenDice, what is special is that motivating employees with new devices actually creates opportunities for those who do not have them.

As a third company, Inchcape , which was our biggest subscriber in 2021, was very good to meet Evelyn and Roland, who thought GreenDice immediately sympathetic. If there were more such consumers who would demand a similar approach from other partners, we could do a lot in Estonia, if not in the world …

Headsets are not yet an official member of our journey Concise Systems , but Martin and Herman have been living with the Green Dice for several months. Supported with both advice and strength.

Martin and Herman will be helping to create a GreenDice forum in the future.

Thank you for taking the headset you stopped with us to Ala School – they are awesome and made the kids’ eyes shine 🙂

However, computers made teachers shake their hands because they were prouder than their own. The decision to get my personal laptop is made by the school staff, and the children have already been asked to write an essay: “What would I do with my personal laptop”.

The moral of the story is that we create a technical circle where we really care and want to know what happens to the technology we use and where it goes. We also remain responsible for ensuring that the equipment is recycled in the future.

If we can create such a culture of conscious consumption, we will notice those who are now making us notice those who have not yet reached where we are!

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Like what we do?

We’re looking for businesses and people who want to lead by example in changing their consumption habits, if you follow these four principles, invite us and we’ll talk more:

  1. As an informed consumer, I want to see and take responsibility for where the computer technology I use is heading.
  2. I’m interested in how keeping things prudent can be a springboard for others.
  3. I like the circular economy, and I want to make sure that what I don’t always end up recycling. I understand that this is the only way we can curb the generation of technical waste in the world.
  4. I want to reduce the CO2 footprint of my company’s computer fleet and do it for real, without marketing and green washing.

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Companies that contributed to the project and whose environmental impact will be reduced through cooperation