Omniva and GreenDice have launched a packaging recycling pilot project

Reuse is important to us not only for IT equipment but also in reducing the footprint from packaging production. To achieve this, we started a pilot project with Omniva, where all members of the GreenDice community can return the packaging their computers are sent in for free. Returning the boxes is very easy: simply use the label with the barcode already on the package and select a suitable locker at an Omniva parcel machine.

We began this project in May, and it has been very successful so far. We are grateful to everyone willing to return the packaging to us, enabling us to reuse it multiple times.

Reused packaging is not new to GreenDice community members.

Many GreenDice service users have probably noticed that the devices sent to them have previously been in used packaging. We have been reusing packaging since the company’s inception, utilizing boxes left over from companies purchasing new equipment.

Omniva has bigger plans for packaging recycling.

Since waste and packaging waste are among the biggest environmental issues of our time, one of the key goals for Omniva, which operates in the logistics and parcel business, is to guide and encourage its customers to act more environmentally friendly.

Therefore, they welcomed GreenDice’s initiative to start a pilot project for IT equipment packaging recycling and to assess customers’ readiness and receptiveness to such a service. Omniva has a previous collaboration with GreenDice, as the company measures the carbon footprint of its IT equipment with GreenDice’s help, and Omniva’s used but well-maintained IT equipment finds new users through the GreenDice community.

Interesting fact! By 2026, Omniva aims to offer customers only reusable, recyclable, or compostable packaging from its range.