Different people, same goal

We are technology-conscious, nature-loving people who want to create better opportunities for everyone to contribute to a better tomorrow together through their daily work. We have the freedom to choose our own path, but we must also take responsibility for where it leads us.

A solution that changes the world

Together with the GreenDice team, we have developed a perfect computer circulation model, the main goal of which is to maximize the value of each computer and bring opportunities as a computer as a work and study tool to areas and target groups that they do not reach in their normal business.

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Our pillars


Create the perfect circle for a technical product - a dice that allows you to create opportunities for everyone and eventually reach out to the traditional economic model.


A responsible, conscious and environmentally friendly consumption culture of IT technology that contributes to the development of a society with a value cycle.


  • Vastutustundlikkus
  • Avatus
  • Kaasaegsus
  • Koostöö
  • Hoolivus
  • Huvi tundmine

Last Projects

We are also creating better opportunities in Morocco

Devices that are not used in Estonia reach the world. Bringing the computers in GreenDice’s technical cycle to Morocco and enabling locals to learn how to use the equipment better – we create better opportunities where they do not reach the normal business model.


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