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Greater meaning for the purchase of computer equipment

With GreenDice, everyone wins, and that's the only way we can add conscious consumers who buy for themselves but think for others.

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Join yourself or bring your family to the GreenDice community

You can get a top-class laptop or desktop computer from only €5.90 per month, with no binding commitment. Includes access to the community platform, where we are always there to help and guide you to learn and develop. In addition, you help reduce the environmental impact of our partner companies.

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Premature warranty repair?

By this point, the end user is no longer a customer for the dealer, but rather a problem, and warranty repairs are generally handled by third parties with long waiting lines.

That's how a smart computer can become a piece of technical junk overnight, which can no longer be used anywhere.

What do we do differently at GreenDice?

By purchasing IT technology through GreenDice, consumers can contribute to the development of consumer culture of responsible and environmentally friendly technology, as well as help creates value in destinations where proper IT technology does not reach the traditional economic model.

As a company, we have taken on the responsibility of offering our customers only high-quality products that are durable over time and that can create new opportunities for someone else at the end of their service life.

Money back guarantee for every computer


If the product is obtained from our partner, we give all their customers a buyback guarantee at the time of purchase, which we agree on the cooperation form, where we promise to buy back a well-maintained (yes, we make you keep things better!) device within 5 years.

In order for well-maintained devices to return to our house, we offer our customers an additional one-year warranty, which applies if the customer has taken good care of his device during the period of use.

However, we send the returned working equipment to a new circle, where it will be valued to the end in our international community, and you can see how and for how long the product will continue to be used.

In addition, we do social projects, for example we have taken technology to schools in the outskirts of Estonia, where today you can even find computers up to 15 years old.

Previous project

Omniva and GreenDice are improving the IT capabilities of educational and cultural institutions in Võru municipality through technology recycling

Omniva and the technology recycling company GreenDice have started a collaboration. As part of their first joint project, well-maintained IT devices from Omniva will be provided to […]

  • Institutions of Võru Municipality received 24 laptops and 29 desctop computer sets.
  • GreenDice remains responsible for the operation of the computers throughout their useful life.
  • After 4-5 years, when computers no longer create value, GreenDice takes them back and contributes to the recycling of materials.
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Companies that contributed to the project and whose environmental impact will be reduced through cooperation

Contribute to the green and circular economy with the help of GreenDice


An informed consumer understands that high-quality IT technology can create value for various target groups in society even after the end of its useful life.

By joining GreenDice, you can be sure that you have taken the right step as a consumer and will make someone in our community happy in the future.

We also want you to understand where behind every broken tech device is hidden one sad face from the GreenDice community who couldn’t get access to the tech world once again.

Only by validating high-quality products to the end can we prevent low-quality devices from reaching the market!

Check out the computers that meet GreenDice standards is an official partner of GreenDice

HP Probook

HP Probook

The Probook is the latest in the HP series to fit the GreenDice journey. We ourselves are big fans of the Elitebook and Zbook series!

Hinnavahemik: 700

Vaata seadet
A decent long-term series that fits nicely with GreenDice's journey.
Dell Latitude

Dell Latitude

Dell's business class series, the 5000, 7000 and 9000 are fine for our journey. For example, we don't want to devalue the 3000 series in our community.

Hinnavahemik: 800

Vaata seadet
A decent long-term notebook series that fits nicely into GreenDice's journey.

We have grown out of the company, which has been a partner of top companies in Estonia for over 13 years.

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