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Greater meaning for the purchase of computer equipment

With GreenDice, everyone wins, and that's the only way we can add conscious consumers who buy for themselves but think for others.

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Acquiring IT equipment can be more difficult than we might think. Often, the end-user does not know which computer manufacturer, or even more, which models to prefer and which reseller to purchase from.

Cheap usually doesn’t last
The situation is made particularly difficult for consumers by the efforts of dealers to catch customers with cheap prices and low-quality models that are seemingly beautiful but not very durable over time.

Premature warranty repair?

At this point, the end-user is no longer a customer, but rather a problem for the reseller, and warranty repairs are usually performed by third parties with long queues.

In this way, a computer can become a technical waste overnight, which can no longer be used anywhere.

What do we do differently at GreenDice?

By purchasing IT technology through GreenDice, consumers can contribute to the development of a consumer culture of responsible and environmentally friendly technology, as well as help create value in destinations where proper IT technology does not reach the traditional economic model.

As a company, we have taken on the responsibility of offering our customers only high-quality products that are durable over time and that can create new opportunities for someone else at the end of their service life.

Buy-back guarantee for every computer

  At the time of purchase, we give all our customers a buy-back guarantee, which we agree on in a co-operation form and where we promise to buy back a well-kept (yes, we make you keep things better!) Device for 5 years. In order for used but proper equipment to return to our house, we offer our customers an additional one-year warranty, which applies if the customer has kept their equipment well during its service life.

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  • Valga municipality libraries received high-quality IT equipment
  • GreenDice remains responsible for the operation of the computers throughout their useful life.
  • After 4-5 years, when computers no longer create value, GreenDice takes them back and contributes to the recycling of materials.
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