GreenDice helped to update the computer park of Tsirguliina School

Tsirguliina School received 18 laptops and 18 desktop computers, as well as 6 monitors, through the GreenDice technical circle. The school further values ​​the equipment of the EAS and KredEx joint institution and Skeleton Technologies and thereby helps to reduce the ecological footprint of companies’ ICT equipment.

The school has over 100 students, and the largest class has 18 students. Unfortunately, there were not enough computers and monitors in the computer class for everyone to use them. The new desktop computers are modern and fast, and the laptops provide the opportunity to carry out lessons outside the classrooms. In addition, teachers can also use them if necessary.

Under the leadership of Kristel Orula, a member of the board of trustees of Tsirguliina School, the school also has a girls’ technology group, Unicorn Squad, and hopefully young people can also use computers in their activities.

GreenDice remains responsible for the operation of the equipment throughout the period of use, and if the equipment no longer creates value or should break down, we replace it with new ones and direct the old materials to recycling.

Companies that contributed to the project and whose environmental impact will be reduced through cooperation