Residents of Alutaguse Care Center received sustainable laptops

Alutaguse Care Center has room for 107 residents and everything necessary for life. However, there were no computers in the care center for entertainment or for keeping in touch with family.

Together with our partner company Gunvor Services AS, we took four sustainable laptops to the care center, which the residents there can use daily. In the future, we will also be a technological partner and, if necessary, we will also teach how to do different activities with a computer. Some residents use the devices for entertainment and play chess or checkers on the computer, while others want to use IT equipment to keep in touch with loved ones. GreenDice will continue to maintain the computers and will ensure that the devices end up correctly in the recycling of materials in the future.

Alutaguse municipality is already a familiar location for us and very special, because it is the first municipality in Estonia that has expressed its desire to provide its residents with opportunities for computer education and the acquisition of IT equipment through the GreenDice community.

Companies that contributed to the project and whose environmental impact will be reduced through cooperation