The libraries of Valga municipality got better IT opportunities with the help of GreenDice

One beautiful day in June, the GreenDice team made a tour of Valga municipality, visiting the libraries there. As a result, the computer park in all ten libraries has now been upgraded and opportunities for remote work have been created. Gunvor Services AS, GreenDice’s technical circulation partner, contributed with the equipment.

Today, remote work is easier than ever

The work culture has changed a lot in recent years, and people have the freedom to work exactly where it suits them. There are 871 libraries in Estonia, and more than 170 of them have the opportunity to use equipment and tools for remote work.

In the Valga Central Library and branch libraries, 22 desktop computers, 27 monitors and 6 laptops were installed instead of outdated IT equipment.

According to Triinu Rätsepp, Director of Valga Central Library, it is important that the equipment used in libraries is modern and fast. “Digital competencies are becoming increasingly important in coping with day-to-day business, and the library can help those who feel a little insecure in the digital society. It is also important to support the acquisition of digital competences from an early age ”.

Today, remote work is a new norm. “Thanks to the support of our partners, modern computers are available in all our libraries, both for remote work and for other activities. The children’s department of Valga Central Library can now further support the search for information by children and young people, and the conditions in the Internet room have also improved considerably, ”says Triinu Rätsepp.

Marek Mekk, a member of the Valga rural municipality government, who took the libraries’ wishes to GreenDice, noted the fact that the actual need for IT equipment in the institutions was much greater than the initial mapping showed, and hopefully all bottlenecks were resolved thanks to good partners. “It is important for the rural municipality government that our libraries do a good job and become more and more service centers. If we want this trend to continue and e-government services to continue to be available to rural municipality residents and to be able to work remotely in our libraries, we must also keep up with the information technology side.

Companies that help create a conscious consumer culture

The IT equipment comes from the responsible company Gunvor Services, which wants to create opportunities for a weaker target group through the GreenDice technical cycle and add value to its products for the rest of their life cycle. GreenDice will maintain the fleet and, if necessary, replace the equipment over time.

Argo Alaniit, the author and CEO of GreenDice, said that the company’s goal is to create a conscious consumer culture of computer technology that would contribute to the development of different groups in society. “It is important for us to realize that when buying computer equipment, we should choose products that are good and of high quality and that can offer value to different target groups for more than 10 years. This is important because this way we can bring proper computer technology to all people in the world, ”said Alaniit. IT equipment that no longer provides value is being recycled. It promotes the green and circular economy through the use of technical products.

Lauri Luhasalu, Member of the Management Board of Gunvor Services, said that the cooperation with GreenDice gives the company the opportunity to be a better and more informed consumer of technology and to contribute to our society. “We constantly invest in our employees with the best possible IT technology to guarantee productivity and security for our customers and work ergonomics for our team members. This, in turn, means that we constantly need modern technology. It is important for me and for Gunvor as a whole that we are responsible for what goes beyond the technology that has already provided us with value, ”said Luhasalu.

The life cycle of inspected products provides an opportunity to measure and reduce the CO2 footprint of corporate computing

GreenDice measures a company’s CO2 footprint, which shows how much natural resources have been spent on producing the company’s computer fleet. This is an important issue for larger companies today and could be interesting for smaller ones.

“The entire Gunvor Group is moving step by step towards a smaller footprint, and with the circulation of GreenDice, we can contribute to reducing overproduction and constantly bringing new and low-quality products to market. Preserving natural resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions is one of our group’s measurable goals, ”says Luhasalu.

Companies that contributed to the project and whose environmental impact will be reduced through cooperation