Together with GreenDice’s partners, we have created better IT opportunities for the authorities of Tõrva municipality

Wednesday, April 13 is active at Hummuli Basic School, because once again we have headed to South Estonia to contribute to the institutions of Tõrva municipality together with our good partner Inchcape.

The first stop is Hummuli Basic School, which is already the fourth school in the area to receive a token upgrade. In May last year, we replaced computers and monitors in three schools in Tõrva municipality, Ala Basic School, Riidaja Basic School and Ritsu Kindergarten-Primary School, 3x newer. Hummuli Basic School will also receive 12 sets of desktop computers and 6 laptops. We also make a small contribution to other institutions, and so the Tõrva City Library, the Tõrva, Ritsu and Hummuli Open Youth Centers will recieve two and the Riidaja Open Youth Center will receive one set of desktop computers.

We will also review Ala Basic School and hand over two sets of desktop computers and two projectors, the last of which has been donated by our partner Ridango.


Evelin Tiivel, the director of Hummuli Basic School: “The students and teachers of Hummuli School are very lucky to have such benefactors. IT tools are an integral part of today’s teaching. Books last for decades, but unfortunately computers are fast becoming old and slow. This is also the case with our computer classroom technology. We are especially pleased with the new technology here. The children in our school start learning to use a computer in the first grade as electives. In addition, we have compound classes and we have placed laptops in subject classes so that teachers can make lessons more exciting for children or give additional tasks to those who are faster. We did not have additional computers in the primary classrooms. Now they also get computer places in their classes. Benefactors are always people with a big heart! Thank you for this good deed!”

How can companies contribute to the entry of a weaker audience into the computer world?

Roland Raud, Business Director of Inchcape: “As a company, we think a lot about the green footprint on the one hand and supporting different groups as much as possible, and in the form of GreenDice, these two parties get along very well. Thanks to the technical cycle, we can reduce our ecological footprint by recycling our computers and help people or institutions who need help with IT equipment.”

GreenDice guides its members to consume and purchase sustainable products and contributes to training people in organizations to take care of things. There will be one sad face behind every broken device in the future.

“In order not to make the story abstract, we use the CO2 footprint as a measure, which shows how much natural resources have been spent on the production of the computer fleet used by the company. We want to achieve the carbon neutrality of computer fleets with each member, for that we have to check the life cycle of the entire product from the beginning to the end”, says Argo Alaniit, CEO of GreenDice.

Dreams can come true.

There were many bright-eyed youngsters in Hummuli’s youth center who rejoiced at the new computers. We especially noticed a young man named Karel, who stood out with very good computer skills. He talked very vividly about dreaming about his personal computer and was raising money for it. His enthusiasm and excitement caught our eye very much, which is why we decided to make his dream come true. We surprised Karel before his birthday and the joy of the new device was uplifting. We also encouraged other young people to dream big and to say our dreams out loud, because sometimes they can come true.

If you care about what we do and you also want to contribute to a conscious computer consumption culture, please contact us:

Companies that contributed to the project and whose environmental impact will be reduced through cooperation