Ukrainian students who study in Collegium Educationis Revaliae received laptops for their studies

There are many companies in Estonia that have taken to heart the support of Ukrainian schoolchildren who have left their country due to the war and are now trying to continue their education and succeed in society in the new environment. One of them is the software company Helmes, with whom we have done a joint project before and hopefully more will come.

This time, the support went to schoolchildren studying at the Collegium Educationis Revaliae (VHK). Currently, 18 Ukrainian students are studying at VHK, and from the autumn this number will increase to forty. The class includes children of different ages and is supervised by Anna, a Ukrainian teacher who has been an English teacher at a school in Kyiv for 15 years. This school had previously participated in a joint project with VHK, and therefore the woman fled to Tallinn as soon as the situation in Kyiv became alarming.

VHK has created many different opportunities for children’s development, among others they also offer in-depth music and art education. The most special lessons are the pottery and metal lesson, where children can develop their creativity and manual skills. The metal lesson is also one of the favorite lessons of Ukrainian children next to English lessons, the most difficult subject at the moment is Estonian. Children have 4 lessons during a school day, after which they can dedicate themselves to hobbies that they also pursued at home. Young people have found football and ballroom dance clubs suitable for training, and some also do drawing.

The goal of GreenDice is to keep technology in circulation and thereby limit the over-consumption of technology products. But we can only do all this thanks to our partner companies who buy sustainable equipment for their employees. But high-quality equipment alone is not enough, it is even more important that people keep their belongings! In this way, we can add value to the end through the GreenDice community or social projects and later recycle them.

Companies that contributed to the project and whose environmental impact will be reduced through cooperation