Upgrading the computers of Tõrva municipality schools

In May, we went on a trip to three schools in Tõrva municipality to replace the obsolete computers with newer ones and thus give children better learning opportunities.

The goal of GreenDice is to create the perfect circle for a technology product, with which we give more meaning to the purchase of technology. You can read more about it here.

We ended up in Tõrva thanks to Kady, who is one of our founding members. Kady is from Valga County, so he immediately grabbed the bull by the horns and wanted to know how IT facilities were in the heart of the city. Once the situation was mapped out, it was clear that GreenDice through its members could help.

We visited and upgraded three small schools – Elementary School , Riidaja Basic School and Ritsu Primary School-Kindergarten – computers and monitors 3x newer. We replaced 20 computers and 28 monitors. 10 computers received cache updates. In addition, we dispose of 18 computers and 14 monitors.

We want to do more than just upgrade our hardware. We are currently gathering information, but we will definitely come and introduce our “Feel interesting, be more successful” or dice lesson.

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How did the project become possible?

The project became possible thanks to the members of GreenDice, who have given more content to our daily purchase of equipment through us. Purchasing equipment that fits GreenDice’s journey.

This project involved Intense Growth Hub, Softwerk, Creditinfo, Torm Metall, and Grant Thornton.

They value the company’s ability to contribute socially through the technology product, as well as to apply the principles of the green and circular economy both within the organization and in its operations.

It is important for our members to do good together and thereby improve opportunities for all.

GreenDice is responsible for ensuring that data from former users is 100% destroyed. Second, the equipment is in working order, future-proof, and works quickly and well at the destination. For technical reasons, we added 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD. Of course, we also bet with a guarantee.

Thank you again and thank you for being an example to everyone!

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Like what we do?

We give more value to the purchase of equipment through the green dice:

  1. We buy high quality and don’t overpay for equipment.
  2. We have a vision for maintaining good technology.
  3. We know where the device is going and how it makes technology more affordable for lower-revenue destinations.
  4. We are promoting the computer as a learning and working tool.
  5. We set an example, inspire us to grow, show and talk about what we do well.
  6. Today’s technical waste must create new materials that can be used to make products in the future.

Companies that contributed to the project and whose environmental impact will be reduced through cooperation