We gave our contribution with our members to Mother and Child Shelter

This week we delighted Mother and Child Shelter with 8 laptops that can be used by mothers and children.


There was an older desktop computer in the shelter that school children and mothers could use if needed, but it had to be shared with all families. Thanks to GreenDice´s technical circle, every family in need now has their own computer to use while in a shelter. Many thanks to our members Mapri ehitus, Mediabrands Digital and the Green Wave, thanks to which it became possible!


The Mother and Child Shelter provides assistance and protection, especially to mothers and children who have experienced domestic violence or need housing due to other extraordinary circumstances. The cozy shelter has 6 rooms with a total of 15 beds. An average of 30 mothers with children receive help each year. The shelter advises mothers and instructs them in coping with everyday responsibilities, together they look for opportunities to find a place to live and, if necessary, also refer them to psychological counseling.


At times, it seems unbelievable that there are still many people in Estonia who do not have access to the computer world and who are therefore deprived of opportunities. That is why GreenDice has been launched and why we are inviting everyone to join us. Your proper computer consumption culture will really help create opportunities for those who don’t have it today!


If you like what we are doing, contact us: hello@greenDice.com

Companies that contributed to the project and whose environmental impact will be reduced through cooperation