With the help of GreenDice, a family of three children got computers to do their homework

There was only 1 tablet in the Narva-Jõesuu family with three children, which was sometimes impossible to do schoolwork. GreenDice and its member Fontes ‘and did not find a solution.

Not only is the use of a computer in families with children no longer beneficial, but it has already become a basic need, as teaching is increasingly integrated with digital channels. This is inevitable due to the health crisis on the one hand, but also a step towards more effective learning on the other.

Through acquaintances, we received information that there is a family in Narva-Jõesuu who desperately need computers with which three schoolchildren can do homework. We knew right away that we could help. With the help of the newly joined recruitment agency Fontes , we updated three business-class Dell laptops and prepared them for new users.

The family was very happy with the computers:

Thank you, Fontes, for your people’s good consumption habits in partnership with GreenDice to give our family’s children a purposeful entry into the computer world!

This result of the circular and green economy model is possible thanks to GreenDice’s perfect technical circulation , where everything is done to keep the computer in its lifetime. in the hands of the users for whom it is most beneficial.

Companies that contributed to the project