A repair café was held in Maru Ehitus

We visited Maru Ehitus and conducted another repair café, during which we took a closer look at the inside of the computer.

As an introduction, the CEO of GreenDice, Argo Alaniit, gave a quick overview of what the carbon footprint is and how it can be reduced with technology recycling. Then we moved on to the practical side and took a closer look at the inside of desktop and laptop computers.

Together we reviewed the components of a desktop computer and where the motherboard, processor or RAM are located. We also talked about what slots/ports the computer has and tested our knowledge about video outputs. The participants of the repair café also unscrewed the laptop and checked whether the device has a loose hinge and where exactly the hinge screws can be tightened. We also replaced the thermal paste on the devices.

In addition to the hardware side, we also tested the software knowledge a little. Maru Ehitus employees can now put their computers into hibernate mode so that the battery in the bag does not run out. We also asked the participants to run the operating system from a memory stick, and it had to be done within 2 minutes. Since the activities took place in teams, the representatives of the export department had more success this time.

Many thanks to Maru Ehitus for inviting us to visit us as part of the repair café and for participating in the circulation of our IT equipment. The equipment maintained during the repair café will also soon go to the new circle to create value.

If you feel that a repair café could also take place in your company, please contact us at hello@greendice.com.