Green light – ready, set, GO!

GreenDice was chosen into the Green Accelerator main program. Now on to growing the community.

GreenDice participated in the Green Accelerator program, with the main purpose of giving comprehensive development support to start-ups, who focus on innovative products or services that enhance the green revolution and contribute to solving environmental issues at the local level.

As we were elected in the pre program of TOP20, we gained 5000 euros as a grant and got to take part in many workshops that focused on different business models, sales, marketing, financing options and presentation skills.

We did well. We generated a lot of interest, and the questions continued on the coffee break. After all the participants got to perform, the TOP5 was announced. We were one of them. We are elated to be a part of the Green Accelerator program and with the 25 000 euro investment we can contribute more time and energy into growing our community.

We have started collaborating with the local municipalities, to start lectures and workshops, both to school students and elders. Our cooperation with them will continue and we hope to gain more interest from other municipalities as well.

A training series for the elderly is taking place in Tõrva municipality. We touch on subjects such as differences of the real and virtual world and how to increase your safety on the world wide web. Communications with Järva and Häädemeeste municipalities have been made and plans with them are in place.

Thanks to our partners, we can provide well-maintained business-class computers for the community to use. Partners have the opportunity to monitor the progress of their equipment and can be sure that the end-of-life procedures are done correctly.

Green Accelerator was funded by:

Environmental Investment Centre, Ministry of ClimateBaltic Innovation Agency.


With the cooperation from:

Sparkup Tartu Science ParkTallinn Science Park TehnopolEnergex Energy Experts.