GreenDice and SEB are increasing the digital skills of Estonians and reducing the environmental impact of the bank’s IT equipment

We have signed a service agreement with SEB and will redirect the bank’s well-maintained IT devices to families living in Estonia. Together, through IT equipment circulation, we will support the digital self-development of over 400 new users in 2023. Members of the GreenDice community, in turn, will help SEB reduce the ecological footprint of its IT equipment through shared responsibility.

The entire lifecycle of devices in the GreenDice technology circle is fully traceable even outside of SEB, allowing the bank to report on its environmental impact. We are also responsible for ensuring that devices are maximally valued within the community. At the end of their lifecycle, the devices are recycled.

GreenDice CEO Argo Alaniit notes that environmental awareness in Estonia is lower than expected. “When we started with the idea of GreenDice, I thought that reducing environmental impact was a priority for companies, but in the year and a half of our operations, we have come to the conclusion that marketing messages are the main output. It is more gratifying that SEB is one of the companies that has taken the issue to heart and understands that even small steps can have a big impact,” said Alaniit.

“SEB replaces about a third of its laptops with newer ones each year, which means that from now on, we will send used, well-functioning computers through GreenDice to create positive impact and change. The initiative allows an increasing number of people to develop their digital skills, and as a result, many services are now more easily accessible to more Estonians,” commented SEB bank CEO Allan Parik on the collaboration.

GreenDice is an Estonian company whose mission is to create access to the world of computers for everyone. Joining the community, which guarantees a well-functioning IT device, starts at €5.9 per month. Each community member plays an important role in reducing the environmental impact of IT equipment from joined companies. Tracking the entire lifecycle of devices creates the opportunity to measure the exact distribution of carbon footprint in society for the first time. To date, 230 Estonian companies have joined GreenDice.

In the picture (from left to right): SEB IT Director Uno Kuuskor, GreenDice Marketing and Communications Manager Anne Krupp, GreenDice CEO Argo Alaniit, SEB Bank CEO Allan Parik, SEB Baltic Sustainability Communication Manager Evelin Allas, and GreenDice Partnership Specialist Rasmus Urb.