GreenDice and Tõrva Municipality Government Started Collaboration

Tõrva Municipality Government, in collaboration with GreenDice, is creating better opportunities for its residents for digital development. Residents of Tõrva can join the community service starting from 5.90 euros per month, which ensures them quality IT devices along with technical support. In addition, on-site training sessions for computer usage will be conducted. 


Access to the Digital World for Everyone 

GreenDice’s mission is to provide access to a quality digital world for every resident of Estonia, enabling communal development. The company aims to offer transparent and always manageable device lifecycle tracking services to partner firms, prioritizing measurable positive impact on society over common greenwashing. Additionally, they aim to reduce their environmental and climate footprint. GreenDice has already partnered with over 200 companies, including SEB, Omniva, the Ministry of the Environment, Elron, the joint agency of EAS and KredEx, Tele2, and Forus, among others. 


In the previous year, GreenDice, along with its partner Inchcape, extended assistance to Hummuli, providing the local computer class with an addition of 12 desktop computers and six laptops. Additionally, the computers in the Tõrva library and in the Tõrva Open Youth Center were upgraded. The computers and monitors in Ala, Riidaja, and Ritsu schools were also replaced with newer ones the year before. Thus, it can be said that GreenDice has been assisting in the digital accessibility of Tõrva’s youth for years. Now, a further step is being taken to offer an essential service more widely. 


Affordable Business-Class Computers 

In an era where even school exams move online, it’s important that every resident of the municipality has access to the world of computers. Therefore, Tõrva Municipality Government has initiated collaboration with GreenDice. Together, they bring risk-free, affordable, and quality IT services to the residents starting from 5.90€ per month. Helen Elias, the mayor of Tõrva, who herself uses GreenDice computers, expresses her support for the initiative. “We want our residents to be digitally competent because nowadays it’s not just a competitive advantage but a necessary basic skill,” adds Elias, inviting all interested parties to an information session on March 25 at 17:30 at Koit Cinema in Tõrva. At the information session, GreenDice will introduce its activities in more detail, and interested individuals can join the service. Besides the mayor, Urmo Reitav, the municipality’s education specialist, also uses a powerful computer provided by GreenDice’s partners. 


The community service provides subscribers with the opportunity to use business-class computers without a fixed commitment; the computer can be returned at any time. The device comes with a full warranty, and issues are resolved even if they are caused by human error. The devices are sourced from partner companies who aim to be greener and maximize the reuse of well-maintained desktops, laptops, and tablets. Interested individuals can join the community service offered by GreenDice today by filling out the relevant form on their website 


Elderly Residents Are Not Forgotten 

The Chancellor of Justice has pointed out the problem that the digital competence of the elderly is low, and they don’t have good opportunities to improve it. In this regard, Tõrva Municipality Government aims to contribute to the rise in digital competence among the elderly, so that they feel more confident in the e-environment. Recently, the number of frauds committed with the help of information technology has increased, and it’s important to raise awareness and skills among the residents to avoid scams. In collaboration with GreenDice, a series of orientation sessions will be held for the elderly in the IT world. During this year, four information sessions will take place, aimed at learning the basics of the IT world. Later on, it’s possible to join GreenDice’s service and support, but it’s not obligatory. The first meeting will take place on April 22 at 11:00 at Tõrva Gymnasium. Training days are free for residents of Tõrva. 


Argo Alaniit, the CEO of GreenDice, is also positively inclined towards the collaboration. “It’s commendable that Tõrva Municipality Government has taken the initiative and understands that without quality IT devices and basic digital competence, people may feel disconnected from society,” said Alaniit. “Supporting the development of residents at a time when life becomes more expensive in every sector is hopefully an example for other municipalities as well.”