GreenDice joined the Estonian Cleantech Association

Estonian Cleantech Association was founded on the 7th of May in Tallinn and GreenDice is a proud founding member.

The newly formed association unites, supports and represents cleantech companies engaged in the development, commercialization, usage, financing and other ways of supporting products, services and processes that save the environment and climate.

Former president Kersti Kaljulaid opened the event by giving hope that more cleantech companies would join if we dare to move forward quickly.

Kädi Ristkok, the CEO of the association, believes that Estonia has all the attributes to be the leading country in the sustainable economy of the world. “The association will allow us to join forces to further boost the sector’s development,” she said.

Entrepreneurs got to voice their unity on the panel discussion. This association does indeed create new opportunities for cooperation between companies which in itself is important for the sector development.

In addition to us, the line-up includes the following companies: Bisly, BugBox, Esgrid, FUNKI, Gelatex, KappaZeta, Reedest, SKYCORP, Sunly, SFV, UP Catalyst, Vok Bikes, Zero Terrain / Energiasalv and 2C Ventures.

Idea sprouted when in 2016 the nonprofit organisation Greentech Estonia was established. Creating a specialised association was an important step, because of the need for cooperation and it would help growing the sector.