GreenDice joined The Green Tiger

Why we joined The Green Tiger?

With the development of technical products, the generation of technical waste or e-waste has also increased. Around 50 million tonnes of e-waste is generated worldwide in one year, including the devices we use every day, such as phones, computers, screens, printers, audio devices, and so on.

Our mission at GreenDice is to create the perfect circle of technical products through which we can reduce the generation of e-waste and bring high-quality IT opportunities to areas where they do not reach the normal economic development. We also want to contribute to the pupularisation of the computer as a tool and thus increase people’s digital literacy.

As a company that contributes to the green and circular economy, we want to engage in dialogue with other like-minded companies and people. Joining the Green Tiger as a team gives us a good opportunity to educate ourselves and hopefully inspire others by presenting our vision. We believe that it is important to belong to a community of the green movement, where we work together purposefully to create a better future.

What do Green Tiger members get when they join GreenDice?

GreenDice members can work with us to create the perfect circle for an IT product that makes the acquisition and use of equipment much more valuable than a traditional tool.

We set an example, practice and explain the example of the green and circular economy with the example of computer technology. We will help to take social responsibility without additional financial contributions, taking opportunities where they do not reach with the traditional economic model. In this way, we help companies to raise the image of the company as both an employer and a partner. Through the GreenDice idea, we make people keep their devices better. We invest time in thinking that users think along and understand that the technology they maintain in an exemplary manner is a goal for a new target group in the future. For our part, we will explain how the entrepreneurs who have joined us want to contribute to the development of different groups in society. Thus, only through GreenDice, instead of a second- or third-round user device, the goal is to use a computer as a learning and working tool. In this way, we create opportunities for those who do not have them, and technology is only a means to seize the opportunities we are aware of. Joining GreenDice reduces the company’s ecological footprint and CO2 consumption. As an example: it takes about 1000kg of CO2 to produce one set of computers (laptop, screen, mouse, keyboard). If a company invests in equipment that lasts about 10 years for different groups in society and uses the equipment itself for 3 years, it consumes 30% of the CO2 needed for production.

In addition, our system can monitor the product life cycle transparently from start to finish. This way you can see if the equipment that was once in your company has reached the schoolchildren of Valga County, developing countries, or whether these components have been disassembled and the materials sent for recycling. We do not have a membership fee and we do not make the equipment purchase cycle any more expensive. We believe and can prove that we make the acquisition of IT equipment cheaper through our green dice. In addition, we provide a buy-back guarantee to all members and repurchase proper and well-maintained equipment for up to 5 years in order to redirect it as a social contribution to destinations that do not reach the normal economic model.