Maru Ehitus employees are more informed computer users

Today we visited Maru Ehitus, which has joined the GreenDice technical circle, to give instructions on how the company’s employees can take better care of their equipment.

Maru Ehitus cares about its people and enables high-quality computers to work. This is important for sustainability, but it is even more important to keep the equipment prudent, as this is the only way to re-value it through the technical cycle.

GreenDice shared tips on how to extend the life of your devices by acting consciously on a daily basis. It’s actually very simple, all you have to do is to practice computer-friendly techniques. For example, always open the laptop screen from the center, not the edge, so that the hinges on the lid do not sag. Or discharge the battery from time to time to prevent the battery from expanding. It is also important to clean the exterior of your device regularly so that debris that accumulates between the keyboards does not damage the screen.

Maru Ehitus has already invested in social projects and the company’s computers today create value in the non-profit association KLÕPS, Lüllemäe Library, Valga Central Library and Narva-Jõesuu Kindergarten Karikakar.

The company also has a separate working group responsible for ESG and sustainability issues. Through the GreenDice model, Maru Ehitus can measure the CO2 footprint of its computer fleets and reduce it through community members. In the future, it will also be clear how much material the company recycles.

We are grateful that Maru Ehitus really cares about where the equipment they have purchased will go, and already in the autumn we will teach the company’s employees to take care of the equipment more thoroughly through the repair café.