GreenDice brought more laptops to students in Kolga-Jaani than in the school computer class!

In December, we went on a trip to Kolga-Jaani school to contribute to the students’ computer use. The school recently received a new computer class , but in quantity only 10 desktops missing. GreenDice, together with its good members, who have rethought their computer consumption culture, contributed 15 laptops. Thus quantitatively more than the school computer class computers combined. Laptops are for the personal use of students, and it is up to the teaching staff to decide exactly.

GreenDice remains responsible for the proper operation of the computers. As an organization practicing circular economy principles, we will take back products in years to come and contribute to the recycling of materials. Dice or perfect technical product circle 🙂

We ended up at Kolga-Jaani school thanks to one of our clients who once studied there. We contacted IT manager Toomas and mapped the needs and put the ends together. Breakwater Technology and Mapri Ehitus , in partnership with GreenDice, are making their people better at storing IT assets and making the team aware that, after their end-of-life, well-maintained devices become a springboard for new people.


Green Dice is created solely to keep devices in circulation. But just as you used to have a bucket to get your drinking water, you need computers to learn and grow.

Those we have come to test ourselves in the learning environment we are creating will soon be able to “Get interested, be more successful”.

In fact, we all want to get to the point where there are conscious consumers contributing to us at the moment, such as Mapri Ehitus and Breakwater Technologies. Thank you for setting an example for everyone, as successful and socially successful entrepreneurs!


Like what we do?

We’re looking for businesses and people who want to lead by example in changing their consumption habits, if you follow these four principles, invite us and we’ll talk more:

  1. As an informed consumer, I want to see and take responsibility for where the computer technology I use is heading.
  2. I’m interested in how keeping things prudent can be a springboard for others.
  3. I like the circular economy, and I want to make sure that what I don’t always end up recycling. I understand that this is the only way we can curb the generation of technical waste in the world.
  4. I want to reduce the CO2 footprint of my company’s computer fleet and do it for real, without marketing and greenwashing.


If spoken, email us: hello @ greenDice. com


Companies that contributed to the project and whose environmental impact will be reduced through cooperation