Repair café for the management of the Estonian Ski Association

Estonian Ski Association is a partner of GreenDice, and it was a pleasure to start start their board meeting with a repair café. 

Climate warming and environmental protection are topics very close to the Estonian Ski Association’s heart, because cold and snowy winters bring the most joy to ski lovers. NGO Estonian Ski Association is a voluntary association of clubs that brings together winter sports clubs operating in Estonia. The purpose of the organization is to promote, develop and support the development of sports from primary education and children to adults and elite sports. The Ski Association stands for winter sports and active lifestyles and wants to ensure the continuity of the sports under their responsibility over time.

During the repair café, we discussed in more detail how the Estonian Ski Association and GreenDice can create value for each other as partners and what opportunities can be created in cooperation. We also tested broader knowledge of IT technology production and the resulting footprint. In addition to the theoretical part, we also looked inside the laptops and found out where the motherboard and processor are located, and also replaced the thermal paste. Participants in the repair café had the opportunity to test computers from different manufacturers and see what the difference is in the maintenance of, for example, Apple or Lenovo laptops.

Many thanks to the board of the Estonian Ski Association for such practical questions and active participation! You cooperated perfectly, and we believe that as such a team, winter sports will also gain a new momentum among Estonians.