Repair café with Concise and students from Kindluse School

In the software company Concise Systems, conducting repair cafés has become a tradition. GreenDice was pleased to be a part of it for the second time. This time, we wanted to expand the format a bit and involve students in a practical workshop.

So, we invited 9th-grade students from Kindluse School to join us and see what a workday is like in a development company. The theoretical part of the repair café was introduced by GreenDice’s Operations Manager, Alexander, who provided a quick overview of what the company does. Then, Concise’s team lead Tanel, cybersecurity engineer Jekaterina, IT specialist Rasmus, and software developer Herman took the floor, giving an overview of their daily work and sharing their journeys to the IT company.

During the practical part, the students learned about the components of a computer and the functions each of them performs. Working in pairs, they disassembled computers, cleaned them of dust, replaced thermal paste, and performed general maintenance. The students did an excellent job!

Concise’s own employees also dug out old computers from their drawers and tried to breathe new life into them while performing maintenance. Our emotions were very positive, and it seemed that the repair café was well-received by the students. In the feedback, we received praise for both the presentations and the practical part. And, of course, pizza eating and Concise’s working environment were also highlighted 😊.